The Wild Kings

​​Retro Rock

317 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach CA 90277 us

“Sings of the human condition in us all... a voice that inspires, knows his way around a guitar."
-Borders Bookstore News

“Absolutely the real deal. Truly engaging and authentic.”
-Tom Wang / WCHE Radio

“Recordings do not do this man justice, a dynamic rarely seen these days.”
-Origivation Magazine

“The lyrics draw you in... the melodies invite you to stay.”
-Laura Sherlock / WXPN Radio

"That voice makes me hotter than Georgia asphalt."

- Sara the bartender, Starboard Attitude

The Wild Kings are:

Kevin McQuiston -Lead vocals / guitar

Pat McCluskey - Bass / vocals

Andy Kozar - Drums

Ori Huberman - Lead guitar / vocals

“If you had told me I’d abandon my sailing voyage, and move to California, I’d have told you that you’re crazy’ says singer/songwriter Kevin McQuiston. “But it’s just so beautiful here in Redondo Beach… Great weather, wonderful people and tons of stuff to do!”

After decades in 
NYC and Philly playing original music and getting close to being signed to a major label, as well as being the host of the popular radio show “Sound Stage” on WCHE,  singer/songwriter Kevin McQuiston wrote and produced the documentary film, COVER, about working musicians and the live music industry. COVER was released Summer 2014. 

Upon completion of principle filming, McQuiston bought a 34’ sailboat, gave away all his possessions (“I’m a Buddhist, it was a good exercise”) and set sail from Philadelphia, intending to sail to Cuba while playing gigs as he travelled. McQuiston got waylaid and spent all of 2012 playing 100+ shows 5-6 nights a week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Upon burnout setting in, Kevin relocated to Redondo Beach, California and thus, The Wild Kings were formed!

The Wild Kings are been getting rave reviews from crowds and venues, playing the music of Chris Isaac, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Coldplay and Adele. “We didn’t want to play the same set list that you hear everyone else doing, but have the songs be familiar favorites. We just do them in a unique way. We call it sexy vibey retrorock.”
The Wild Kings are currently performing in Los Angeles.