The Wild Kings

​​Retro Rock

Sounds Like:
"Chris Isaak meets The Stones, if they were sleeping with Adele."

The late great Jay Singh,

​original drummer The Wild Kings.

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, Nov 25th, 9pm-12pm
The Crest
1625 Cabrillo Ave
Torrance CA

Friday, Dec 1st, 9pm-1am
Starboard Attitude
Redondo Beach Pier

Friday, Dec 8th, 8:30-12am
1209 Aviation Blvd
Hermosa Beach

Saturday Dec 3oth, 10pm-12am
The Standing Room
320 Hermosa Ave.

Hermosa  Beach

Playing the music of Chris Issac, Tom Petty, Beatles, The Cure, REM, Elvis…

“Absolutely the real deal. Truly engaging and authentic.”
-Tom Wang / WCHE Radio

“That voice makes me hotter than Georgia asphalt…”
–Sara the bartender, Starboard Attitude

Kevin McQuiston

(Lead vocals / guitar)

Pat Mccluskey

(Bass & vocals)

Andy Kozar


Ori Huberman

(lead guitar / vocals)